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Board of Directors Features

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Homeowners Features

The cutting-edge CINC Manager tool provides managers with instant access to community information, allowing for real-time updates and management of everything from violations to ACC requests. Its seamless functionality ensures up-to-date records and swift action on community matters.

With direct email communication capabilities, it facilitates transparent dialogue between board members, homeowners, and vendors, enhancing efficiency and transparency across all parties involved.

Reviewing and approving ACC requests is simplified, leading to faster response times and increased resident satisfaction.

The NPM App

The NPM App offers a comprehensive platform for managing Association needs effortlessly.

Users can make payments, submit forms, and stay updated on community events. Board of Directors members gain access to financial reports, perform invoice approvals, sign checks, and handle work orders and compliance issues. Homeowners can make secure payments, submit ACCR forms, and stay informed about events.

The app also streamlines communication for maintenance requests and feedback.

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